National Preparedness Month

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Tips for Home Escape

• Have working smoke alarms in each bedroom. You also need one outside each sleeping area.     Install alarms on every level of the home. Mount alarms in the basement.
• Test all smoke alarms once a month. Press the test button to be sure the alarms are working.
• Draw a map of your home. Show all doors and windows. Find at least two ways out of every         room.
• Choose an outside meeting place. It should be a safe distance from the home. It should be           visible from the street.
• Talk about the plan with everyone in your home. Have a fire drill in your home twice a year.
• Make sure all exits can be opened easily from the inside. This includes barred doors and             windows.
• Choose security bars that have quick-release devices. Make sure everyone in the home can       open them.

Events like the recent flooding in Louisiana, Hurricane Hermine approaching Florida, and Hurricane Lester in the Pacific remind us that weather can change at a moment’s notice.


And then don't forget to join in the fun!

First Annual State Video Contest    

To encourage participation and spark creativity around Collierville the CFD made their own fire safety video. Check it out!

Fire mortality rates in Tennessee are the lowest they’ve ever been, and the Collierville Fire Department (CFD) wants your help to drive them even lower. To further spread the word about fire safety, the CFD encourages you to participate in the first annual State Fire Marshal’s Office Video Contest. The contest is open to all Tennessee residents, individuals or groups, of any age. Deadline is September 30th. Two winners will be chosen; the Grand Prize winner will receive $500

The Collierville Fire Department wants our town to have more entries than any other town in Tennessee - and a winner as well!  Find printable fact sheets about either theme, “Get on Out” or “Close the Door,” from the Collierville Fire Department. Questions? Contact Public Education Specialist, Erin Daniels at 901-457-2485 or by email at

Open Now!


Coming in October!


Fire Prevention Week 2016 Theme

  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Shelby Co Emergency Preparedness
  • Alert Collierville
  • Rt Col Project Safe
  • Rt Col Safe Haven
  • Rt Col Heat Kills
  • Mayors Action Center



Collierville Fire Protection Rating as of as of  October 1, 2016: Class 2
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