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2014 Annual Response Report


We proudly submit this 2014 Annual Response Report for the Collierville Fire Department. As I reflect on 2014, I am continually amazed and honored to be Fire Chief of a town that has such dedicated employees. The work that our firefighters do makes Collierville a safer place for today and for future generations. I’m proud of the dedication each firefighter brings to their job each day and for the courage and compassion demonstrated in the face of often dangerous situations. As we work together, we are able to make Collierville a great place to live, work and do business.
Collierville Fire is a modern “all risk" fire department, meaning we will respond to the needs of the community, regardless of the nature of the incident. We are striving to keep pace with emerging programs and methods to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our citizens, business owners, and visitors.
Serving a growing community with ever-increasing demands for fire and life safety services is difficult. We will continue to face challenges, not only in fire suppression and emergency medical services (EMS), but also in fire prevention, community education, recruitment and training. The expansion of the department will bring forth new opportunities and new challenges. Our department must be able to respond to change, solve problems, collaborate on issues, assess community needs, identify the resources required to meet those needs and formulate the plans necessary to provide comprehensive and cost effective services to our customers, the citizens, visitors and employees of Town of Collierville.
I wish to thank the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and James Lewellen, Town Administrator, for their continued support, encouragement and assistance throughout the year. This support is so necessary and is greatly appreciated as we strive to provide the highest quality of service to the community.






  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Shelby Co Emergency Preparedness
  • Alert Collierville
  • Rt Col Project Safe
  • Rt Col Safe Haven
  • Rt Col Heat Kills
  • Mayors Action Center



Collierville Fire Protection Rating as of 08.02.11: CLASS 3.
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