2018 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Poster Contest Rules

Sponsored by the TN State Fire Marshal’s Office & The Collierville Fire Department


  1. The poster contest is open to Collierville, TN students in grades Kindergarten through 12th. Two winners from Special Needs classes may also be chosen [one from Division I (K – 5th Grade) and one from Division II (6th – 12th grade)].

  2. Posters go through a selection process.  School staff at each participating school will select one poster to represent each grade and division. Collierville Fire Department employees, Collierville School Board staff, and Town of Collierville employees will select a townwide winner to represent each grade and division. The TN State Fire Marshal’s Office will then select one statewide winner from each grade and division.  An additional statewide winner is chosen by the TN Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance for the Commissioner’s Choice Award.  Sixteen statewide awards are available. Posters must be the student’s original work and must state the theme “Look.  Listen.  Learn. Be Aware.  Fire Can Happen Anywhere. ”  

  3. Posters may be any size and may be drawn, colored, painted, and/or dimensional.  The use of fire cannot be involved in the creation of the poster.

  4. completed identification label with a parental consent signature must be attached to the back of the poster.  The label will be provided by the Collierville Fire Department.  A poster without or with an incomplete label will be disqualified.

  5. Individual schools will select their school grade level and division winners by mid-September. Winning elementary school posters will be picked up by the CFD on Mon., Sept. 17 and winning middle and high school posters will be picked up on Tues., Sept. 18.  Schools may only submit one winning poster per grade and per division.

  6. The CFD will notify town winners by or on Friday, Sept. 21. Town winners will receive a medal and a certificate at a reception held at the Morton Museum on Sat., Oct. 6th.  Winning posters will be on display at the Morton Museum during Fire Prevention Week, October 7-13, 2018.  In November the posters will be sent to the State Fire Marshal’s Office in Nashville, TN.  View previous years' winning posters here.  

  7. State judging will occur in December. Statewide winners will receive a ribbon, a certificate, $50 cash and will be recognized at an awards event in their honor.

  8. For more information visit NFPA.   You can reach Ms. Erin at (901) 457-2485 or by email at edaniels@ci.collierville.tn.us

National Fire Protection Association & Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office
This form must be securely fastened to the back of poster.
Student’s Name:  __________________________________________   Grade:  _____________
Teacher:  __________________________________   Date:  _____________________________
School:  _______________________________________________________________________
School Address:  ________________________________________________________________
School’s Poster Contact / Email:  ________________________ / _________________________
Parent / Guardian Name:  ________________________________________________________
Parent / Guardian Email / Phone:  _____________________________ / __________________
(Parent/Guardian information used only to notify winners.)
I hereby certify that this poster was created entirely by the student above, is the student’s original artwork and there are no copyrighted characters used. I agree that it may be offered for public display or publication at some time during or after the contest.  I understand that this poster may become the property of the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office and may be reproduced.  The only information that may be released and/or displayed is your child’s name, child’s photo with poster and/or school administrator, grade, school name, and/or town.
Student’s Signature __________________________________________                         
Parent’s (Guardian’s) Signature  __________________________________
Thank you!
Erin S. Daniels, Pub Ed Specialist @ Collierville Fire Department
1251 Peterson Lake Road  Collierville, TN  38017  901.457.2400

  1. Past Annual Poster Winners 

    Since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls and is recognized in Collierville with Fire Safety lessons in the schools and a Town of Collierville Fire Safety Poster Contest. Every student is invited to compete. 

    2017 Poster Contest Winners

    The winners are Staniya Harris (Kindergarten), Bryant Dai (First Grade), Vyomdev Visveswar (Second Grade) and Jordan Lewin (Fifth Grade).  All attend Collierville schools. Two of the winners Bryant Dai and Jordan Lewin have previously won at the state level; Bryant was the 2016 Kindergarten State Winner and Jordan was the 2014 Second Grade State Winner.

    2016 Poster Contest Winners

    *Katie Tucker Grade 12 CHS, Erica Benton Grade 10 CHS, Laila Travillion Grade 9 CHS, Julia Timms Grade 8 CMS, Sophie Marcrum Grade 7 CMS, Catie Craig Grade 6 CMS, Daksha Mohan Grade 5 TOES, Kendall Harper Grade 4 CES, Ramya Senthil Grade 3 TOES, Stephanie Stolfa Grade 2 TOES, Brinley Hunsucker Grade 1 CES, Bryant Dai Kindergarten TOES  *Katie Tucker repeat winner.

    2015 Poster Contest Winners

    Melissa Pugh CHS Grade 12, Katie Tucker *  CHS Grade 11, Grason Crine, CHS Grade 10, Mikala Derrick CHS Grade 9, Teresa Tammi CMS Grade 8, Nicole Bartley CMS Grade 7, Reese Nelson CMS Grade 6, Vibha Duraikkannan TOES Grade 5, Delaney O'Connell CES Grade 4, Rebekah Smith TOES Grade 3, Belle Blanchard TOES Grade 2, Stafford Grisham * TOES Grade 1, Gabriella Siligato TOES Kindergarten, Jonathan Ruiz,Division II   * Katie Tucker and Stafford Grisham are repeat winners.

    2014 Poster Contest Winners

    Laura Lester CHC Grade 12, Christal Whitt CHS Grade 11, Katie Tucker CHS Grade 10, Molly Cahill CHS Grade 9, Emma Bennett St. Georges Grade 8, Jamey Ryan CMS Grade 7, Cole Waycaster CMS Grade 6, Ashley Duke CES Grade 5, Jayden CampodonicoTara Oaks Grade 4, Kinsley ScallionsTara Oaks Grade 3, Jordan Lewin Crosswind Grade 2, Margo Burch Bailey Station Grade 1, Stafford Grisham Tara Oaks Kindergarten

    2013 Poster Contest Winners

    Ben O'Connor CHS Grade 12, Laura Lester CHS Grade 11, Olivia Nichole Mills CHS Grade 10, Katie Tucker, CHS Grade 9, Sadie Haentzler, St. George Grade 8, Crystal Baggett St. George Grade 7, Annika Thompson, St. George Grade 6, Ashleigh Enriquez TOE Grade 5, Austin Frewin CES Grade 4, Raynard Leung TOE Grade 3, Mary Claire Ammons CES Grade 2, Aadi Jain, BSE Grade1, Lawson Smith, CES Grade Kindergarten

    2012 Poster Contest Winners

    Nicole Taylor CHS Grade 12, Nathan Hale CHS Grade 11, Ivy Jade Edwards CHS Grade 10, Courtney Tipton St. George Grade 9, Maisa Munawara SFM Grade 8, Alice Zakherenko SFM 7, Abby Smither SFM Grade 6, Connor Tacker TOE Grade 5, Rachel Yeung BSE Grade 4, Diana Hriesh TOE Grade 3, Vibha Duraikkannan TOE Grade 2, Kristy Young BSE Grade 1, Kennedy Long CES Grade Kindergarten








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