Outdoor Warning Sirens

What do I do if I believe an Outdoor Warning Siren is malfunctioning?

Why can't I hear the Outdoor Warning Sirens inside my house?

  • Residents must understand they likely will not hear outdoor warning sirens if they are inside. This is because foliage on trees, building insulation, closed windows, air-conditioning, and household noise prevent the sounds emitted from outdoor warning sirens from penetrating into homes at a level loud enough to be heard.

What is the purpose of the Outdoor Warning Siren System?

  • The purpose of the siren system is to alert persons outside of their home, school, business, etc. of impending situations such as tornados, flash floods, Amber Alerts, hazardous material spills, and civil disturbance situations.

What do I do when I hear the Outdoor Warning Siren Activate?

  • When the siren system is activated, the public is advised to go into their homes, turn on your local television channels, radio stations, or NOAA Weather Radio and await information through the Federal EWS (Emergency Warning System) as to the pending threat and steps to take for you and your family's safety.

When are Outdoor Warning Sirens Tested?

  • The outdoor warning sirens are tested each Saturday at 12 noon, except during inclement weather conditions.


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